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Monday, November 06, 2006

Still Sick, But Feeling Better

There is something to be said for the second trimester. I can't say I'm any less sick, but I am thinking more clearly and feeling more creative. I always know I'm in a rut if I'm not creating anything. But last week I finally finished a painting (I'll post that later) and today (miracle of miracles) I'm postin' stufff on my blog!

Lily's room is a work in progress, but I thought I'd post some pictures of what I've done so far. My grandfather made the doll house for my sister and me when we were little. It was pretty beat up when it reached Lily, but my mom and I refurbished it with some paint, carpet, wall paper, and fabric. Can you believe the "master bed" my mom made. Those little pillows drive me crazy. What is it about tiny stuff. I swear I spent half my childhood infront of this doll house. My brothers would bring GI Joe over (do you remember the big one's) and we'd take Barbie "camping". Lily doesn't play with it much, but I'll probably keep it up til' she's 19. All those tiny things make me giddy.

Thanks for all the well wishes during these barfy months. I think I'm through the worst worst of it.


Blogger bug girl said...

Hey, somehow I want to get in touch with you, but I don't want to put any personal stuff on your blog that might cause looney people to start stalking me and contacting me. Anyway, I and my parents might be in your neck of the woods soon. They are coming home from their missions and I am helping them drive back from Toronto. What if we wanted to see you? What if it turned out that we were going to be coming through your neck of the woods around Christmas time. Would you be in town, would you want guests? Let me know. Somehow. Hmmm, how will we do this? This is my junk email address. I will check it to see if you responded to me, and then I will respond to you with my real email address.

5:45 PM  
Blogger The Bec-ster said...

Sorry about your dad Laura.
I remember playing with barbies and dolls in doll houses at your house. Those are some pretty cool assesories.
Good luck with the baby!

12:41 PM  

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