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Monday, January 22, 2007


I've been tagged, by Beth! Well, alright Beth, I'll play. But only because your illustrations are so dang cute.

I am supposed to share 6 weird things about me and then tag 6 other people who will do the same. Okay, Ginni, Becky, Leanne, Caroline, and Soie-belle you can either live with a cloud of guilt or pass the guilt on to someone else. Where will this madness end??!!

  • I used to play trumpet in a ska band
  • I like catsup on my tacos (only if they're greasy ground beef tacos like my mom use to make. Mmmmmm)
  • I love to sing along to "Up Town Girl." When my husband accompanies me on the guitar I'm sure I have achieved nirvana.
  • I am paralyzed by trivia games. (Once I said that the Eiffel Tower was in Italy)
  • I love really tragic books about exotic places. (Examples: Wild Swans, Stolen Lives, Cry the Beloved Country)
  • I hate white walls and am manic about color. This I attribute to my crazy mom.


Blogger becki said...

fun fun!! I wouldn't be able to live with the guilt, so I'm giving it a shot! Thanks for the wonderful comment!!

6:31 PM  
Blogger Rosalynde said...

"I hate white walls"

Good thing mine are "medici ivory," then! ;)


7:39 AM  
Anonymous leeanne said...

YOU KNOW,ive been dying to get tagged and now i feel like a horses behind because i havent been on much. we really need to discuss the ska thing! your my new idol!

8:41 PM  

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