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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Kids' Room is Finished!!!!

Ahhhhh. Doesn't that sound nice. "Kids' Room," as in kids' plural. Dave and I still can't believe it and this little guy is due to come in less than 4 weeks. Well, I'm as ready as possible. Can't think of another thing to buy. The diaper bag is packed and so is my hospital bag. Of course, when Lily was born I did none of this. My sister had to run to the store after she was born for a nursing bra and who knows what else. But after over 5 years of wanting and working for this I am going to absolutely milk this lovely time of anticipation. Sooooooo....... Here's Miss Lily's side of the room. Plenty Girly. She loves waking up in a garden. She also loves arranging her bed just how she likes. Here's the boy side of the room.
This is a bit ridiculous. I know these burp rags won't stay rolled up like that for long, but for now, it's one of my favorite things in the room. Can you believe that darling little car painting Michelle did for me. I need to take a close up of it. Soooooo sweet. Thank you "Friday girls" for painting the dresser and making the curtains!
I found this blank sign at Wal-mart for a few bucks. Painted it with a G for Gunn (At least that's all I'm fessin' up to now).

Saturday, March 24, 2007

baby clothes and branches

What a nice morning! I actually got some sleep last night. I've got about a month left before the baby comes and I guess I'm preparing for the sleepless nights ahead by not sleeping now. Not sure how that works.

The night before last I woke up at 3:00am and sorted through baby clothes. Now that's just insanity. In the morning I was complaining to Dave about my rough night, at the same time I was ranting, "I can't find the Baby Bejorn." He's sure I have lost my mind. But I couldn't rest until I found it and washed it. ahhh, much better.

Well, with the baby's clothes and gear in order I could relax this morning and do some painting. I did a few more of these mixed media on water color paper. Boy, these are fun to do. I just love trying out different color combinations. And painting these blooming branches really adds to my enjoyment of spring. It is such a beautiful day today!! I'll post these originals and the one below on my Esty Shop. (Looks like the green and yellow guy already sold, but the other 2 are still there.)

Well, I'm off to Target to buy diaper wipes. I don't want to be up all night worrying that I don't have them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Longing for Spring

Oh, Oh, Oh how I long for a day at the pool. Yesterday was freezing and today is warm. St Louis is crazy! I'm just praying it stays warm enough not to kill the magnolias off.

This warm weather has put me in the mood for some spring blooms. So I made some that cold weather can't touch. This was such a fun way to avoid making dinner. I used water colors, acrylic, and ink.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Help! I'm Dyeing! (plus a newborn shirt tutorial)

So, my sister Rachel got me crazy dying baby stuff. I dyed diaper cloths for burp rags, old stained onesies, and newborn shirts. Sooooo fun. I just used the powder Rit dye in the washing machine, but mixed a little tan into eat color. My colors were:
  • tangerine with 1/3 package tan
  • teal with 1/3 package tan
  • golden yellow with 1/3 package tan

Then I had to embellish a few of the new born shirts. I know this boy is gonna want to look good when he comes home from the hospital. On the shirt above I just added a binding to the neck line. Below I made a stamp out of a potato and used acrylic paint.

I am especially excited about the binding on the neck line and thought I'd give a little tutorial on that. If someone wants to give a tutorial on how to do a tutorial it would be appreciated. In the meantime, I'm just slappin it in the middle of my post.

New Born Shirt Tutorial

Step 1: Cut a strip of fabric 2&1/2 inches by about 32 inches.
Step 2: Iron in half, longways

Step 3: Pin folded piece along the edge of the shirt so that the raw edges match up with the edge of the shirt. Be sure to turn a little bit under on the end before you pin it in place.
Step 4: Sew in place. You want your stitching to be right along the inside of the folded edge of the shirt. You'll have to feel for that. Mine was just over 1/4 of an inch into the shirt.

Step 5: As you're sewing, right before you get to the end, trim your fabric strip about1/2 inch from the end and fold it up. Stitch over that.
Step 6: fold fabric strip to inside of shirt and tack it on by hand.

Clear as mud? Good.

I love this Amy Butler fabric!! Speaking of which, did you guys see this fabulous quilt over at the Wooden Spool made from The Belle line. Ooh la la.

Hot Dog! We Have a Weiner!

Oh my goodness. Do you all feel afraid to leave the house after reading those? Oh, oh, oh, the wardrobe malfunctions. The exposed underwear and slips (sometimes maybe it's good to keep an extra pair, eh Jen), the slippery swim suits and skirts, and we'll never forget that darling little knit dress, warn backwards.

What a hard choice to make! My husband and I have laughed ourselves silly. In fact, I am going to have to pick 3. These 3 made us laugh the most, but boy was it a close call. (Please, just expect me to spell your name wrong. It's what I do best.)

  • Carol smothering the wrong dad in kisses
  • Karen and the rolling poops
  • Cary trying to sound like a man going pee

So Carol, Karen, and Cary go to my etsy shop to pick a print and email me( your addresses and print choice.

Choosing was a bit painful. The super man medallion, the car dragging incident, and the yarn wrapping around the cars were also favorites, and so many more. We really ought to do this again sometime ladies! Oh and I want to say to Pam that it is super ironic that it was my mom, seen below, that made a seen about her bright orange dress. Ha!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Share an Embarrassing Moment and Win a Free Print!

Yep. That really is my mom. I just talked to my sister Maureen and she shared an amazing experience she and my mom had. You may think a woman like my mom isn't easily embarrassed. You're right! But here's something that may have pushed even her to the edge.

My mom recently broke her ankle. So when she and Maureen were at the grocery store, my mom had to ride around in one of those drivable carts. She was chatting with Maureen and not looking ahead when she crashed into a shelf of salsa. Countless jars of salsa came crashing down. Employees came rushing over. They politely assured her that it wasn't her fault. They said the jars must've been stacked badly. (They really need to make those salsa shelves ram proof.) The cherry on top was when 30 Japanese tourists rounded the corner and saw my mom and Maureen in all their glory! Boy, I wish I could've seen that.

This gives me an idea: I just love hearing embarrassing moments. (Like when my sister talked to a man at church for like 5 minutes before realizing her entire dress was pulled up, tucked into her bra.)

I'll tell you what. Tell me an embarrassing moment of yours. I'll pick the one that makes me laugh the most and send the winner a signed print of their choice. (See the print choices here)

Do you want to hear mine? I was in junior high. My best friend and I had been practicing some of the "cool" dances. You know, The Rodger Rabbit, Kit'n Play, etc. I decided to bust out in The Running Man, a brave move for me. This girl walked up to me and said, "We've been talking over there and we don't think you should do that dance." hmmm there's no cool way to respond to that.

Alright, the rules are: nothing dirty, and it has to be something that happened to you. Ready set go!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Here They Are!

I did it!! My Etsy shop is stocked with prints and originals. There is something really neat about seeing my work in print for the first time. The best part is, parting with the originals will be a bit easier with a nice print for me to keep. Thanks again Trenna for all your help!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Friday Strikes Again!

Friday strikes again! This was such a fun project that I had a hard time leaving Shannon's house. I've mentioned our Friday project days before. Well, this week Shannon had $75 to makeover her living room. Ooooooh, I live for challenges like that. In fact I've been thinking about it all week, I even barged in on their dinner with paint samples. So here's what we did:
  • Marc and Shannon found the curtain fabric at Urban Outfitters. (You may know I'm making everything out of their bedspreads these days) We started with the curtains for all other decisions.
  • They picked this fantastic orange for the wall.
  • We found the pillow fabric at Joann's. They do these prints on canvas now that are pretty cute and cheap.

On Friday:

  • Kim and Shannon painted the wall. (It's a lucky thing that Kim is a professional cliff jumper so she could face those vaulted ceilings)
  • Collete covered a cushion, sewed the curtains, and ingeniously repositioned the furniture. (She's amazing at laying out a room)
  • Michelle and I attacked an old print on Canvas Shannon had. She was tired of the Paris scene, so we painted over it. (That's it above the couch)

Have any of you ever done a collaborative painting? What fun. It was especially fun to do it with Michelle who doesn't have an ounce of caddy competitiveness. We just bounced back and forth with ideas. And I learned so much from her. I hope the other girls will forgive us. We were like a couple of zombies, hypnotized by our painting project.

Check out some of Michelle's paintings. I especially like this orchid, which looks nothing like a scary monster.

Speaking of paintings. My friend Trenna Lange helped me make prints of my paintings this week. I spent the whole day with her, at her beautiful home. She is doing some fantastic projects. My favorite: painting over her laminate floors. So gutsy! I love it. The whole day was so stimulating. I came home with so many ideas it about drove me crazy. Isn't that the best feeling?

Next on my agenda, get those prints on my Etsy shop. But today I am in charge of decorating for an upcoming formal for the youth at church. How does a 15 ft castle and 20 spray painted trees sound? Argh!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Looking on the Bright Side

Like everyone else who doesn't live in AZ, we are growing tired of cold days. Today there is just a bit of snow, but it seems to be falling vertically. But on the bright side, this does give me a bit more time to satisfy my newly acquired hat making obsession. Lily has been begging me to make her one. I happily obliged.
Last year my mom made Lily a skirt out of a tablecloth from Anthropology. (It matched the one she made for herself.) She wisely sent along a little scrap of the fabric. I used that for the flower, along with some felt. Super easy.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Invasion of the Orchids

So I brought home a beautiful orchid to paint. I decided to paint a closeup, frontal view of it. But after hours of working at it, all I could think of was the freaky alien from the movie Predator. Is it just me, or is there a strong resemblance. Well, it ruined it for me and I had to completely give up on the painting. (This is probably more than I should reveal about myself.)
Well, I'm on to dalia buds. Please don't tell me if dalia buds elicit any scary images for you.