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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Share an Embarrassing Moment and Win a Free Print!

Yep. That really is my mom. I just talked to my sister Maureen and she shared an amazing experience she and my mom had. You may think a woman like my mom isn't easily embarrassed. You're right! But here's something that may have pushed even her to the edge.

My mom recently broke her ankle. So when she and Maureen were at the grocery store, my mom had to ride around in one of those drivable carts. She was chatting with Maureen and not looking ahead when she crashed into a shelf of salsa. Countless jars of salsa came crashing down. Employees came rushing over. They politely assured her that it wasn't her fault. They said the jars must've been stacked badly. (They really need to make those salsa shelves ram proof.) The cherry on top was when 30 Japanese tourists rounded the corner and saw my mom and Maureen in all their glory! Boy, I wish I could've seen that.

This gives me an idea: I just love hearing embarrassing moments. (Like when my sister talked to a man at church for like 5 minutes before realizing her entire dress was pulled up, tucked into her bra.)

I'll tell you what. Tell me an embarrassing moment of yours. I'll pick the one that makes me laugh the most and send the winner a signed print of their choice. (See the print choices here)

Do you want to hear mine? I was in junior high. My best friend and I had been practicing some of the "cool" dances. You know, The Rodger Rabbit, Kit'n Play, etc. I decided to bust out in The Running Man, a brave move for me. This girl walked up to me and said, "We've been talking over there and we don't think you should do that dance." hmmm there's no cool way to respond to that.

Alright, the rules are: nothing dirty, and it has to be something that happened to you. Ready set go!


Blogger Sue B said...

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1:27 AM  
Blogger 'L' said...

so many to choose from and so little space. I provide you with my most recent embarrassment which is detailed by my dear husband in his post in our blog 13 March 2007( I rang the police to attend a break in at my new neighbours house, and not satisfied that the officers had it under control when they left the house without any offenders I rang the station to demand that the sargent send his officers back as the 'offenders' were leaving the house and had obviously fooled the attending officers. I could assure the sargent that the people at the house were not the new owners. A big call given I had not met the new owners, I was so adamant though that the officers were instructed to return. Satisfied I, rang another neighbour who had met the new owners to look out his window and confirm that the people I thought were trespassing were indeed not the new owners (as was the belief of the sargent from a phoned in report from the attending officers) only to be informed by our neighbour that he didn't need to look out the window he was standing out the front with the new owner and that it might be a good idea for me to meet our new neighbour. I arrived just as the police returned to the scene and apologies notwithstanding, proof of identities were requird to be produced upon instruction from back at the station. A great way to introduce yourself to new neighbours.

4:34 AM  
Anonymous Jill said...

I was about 18 and with my 2 best girlfriend in one canoe canoeing down the AuSable in Grayling, Michigan. I had on my American Flag bikini and it attracted much attention. See, what us girls didn't know was that Camp Grayling is located in Grayling and it is the largest military installation easy of the Mississippi and the nation's largest National Guard training site, needless to say there were many shirtless, horned up guys on the river that day. I was getting many whistles and comments like, "I'll salute the Flag!"

We did get one canoe of 3 guys that wouldn't leave us alone and keep asking me to show them my tits. But the worst part happened when the canoe I was in tipped completely over. Once we managed to get up from underwater and I got my footing on the river bed I wiped the hair out of my faced and looked up to see those 3 guys looking my way laughing and one finally said with a big smile on his face, "Um, you better put you titty back in."

This was soo freaking embarrassing! I guess the good was that the guys left because they did end up getting what they wanted!

4:57 AM  
Blogger Brambleberry said...

During my freshman year of college, many of the classes I had taken were in really large "lecture bowl" style rooms.

You know how cool you are when you're a freshman? I thought I was such hot stuff, and was wearing a really jazzy outfit one morning - and all dolled up (eye roll here, it was an 8 am lecture). I was really feeling my coolness, chatting up some of the baseball players while walking down the steps from my seat to the door. My ankle twisted in my stacked shoes, and I *ugly* fell down a couple of stairs.

There was no recovering. It was the kind of moment I wished I could just spontaniously combust.

(I have to say, that I felt myself fluster reading about meeting the neighbors--how totally horrifying!!)

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Mary Ann S said...

Well back in the 80's I knew a guy at work. Our jobs put us in a confrontational role, I was a mgt negotiator and he was a union chariman. He wore his shirt collars open and had the biggest, ugliest gold "superman" medallion on a gold chain (think manufacturing plant and you'll see how silly)
At a retirement party offsite one night for manager I was talking in a group of people, not realizing someone I didn't know had joined the group. I was making fun of the medallion when a woman stepped closer, all red in the face and commented in a steely voice, " Glad you like it, it was my wedding present to Bobby last year, he's my husband." Ooops, and I had to work with him for a couple more years...argh....staring at "Superman"

6:25 AM  
Blogger queen-bead said...

it was mother's day (my first as a married woman)and in our church service our pastor was doing a tribute for mothers. They always ask the mother's to stand for recognition and this year he added "if you will be a mother some day, stand too." Well after 10 seconds of debate and a friend nudging me to stand (because I would be a mother some day), I did...stand. Then there was this excited gasp behind me and it dawned on me that the lady thought I was announcing that I was pregnant. It probably would have been easily and quietly corrected, but my utter astonishment caused me to squeal "No-I'm not pregnant" thus creating a scene and an almost perma-red face.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Brambleberry said...

I keep checking in for more embarrassing moments. It is so much fun to look back and laugh.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Normally, I lurk, but hilarious moments likes these have to bring me out of my shell!

In 6th grade my class when to the junior high pool for a week of swimming lessons. This was a big deal, as the next year this would be our school.

After our class, we all headed to the locker rooms. I forgot my towel out next to the pool. It just so happened that the boys locker room and the girls were right next to each other. I was wiping down my face when I opened the door and walked into... All the boys from my class showering! YIKES! I high tailed it out, but not before running into the gym teacher who I made swear not to tell the other students!

The funniest part was the bus trip back. All the boys were trying to decide who it was that walked in. I don't know if they knew it was me, but I denied knowing what anyone was talking about.

Being 12 is hard enough, but doing something like... MORTIFYING! Now I just think it is plain funny.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Pam said...

I'm a lurker too, but I like to think of myself more like a spy, or even a secret agent...really I just read blogs while I'm feeding the baby. In case you can't figure out who I am, I'm one of those Huntzinger girls, the one that is Pam.

My embarrassing moment isn't the funniest and probably doesn't even rank very high on the embarrassment scale, but it actually involves your mom, and it was the first thing that came into my mind.

My birthday fell on a Sunday one year, when I was in my early teens, and my mother surprised me with a new dress. Home-made of course which was normal, but what set this dress apart was the fact that it was orange, bright orange, flourecent orange, super ugly orange! And made out of light weight waterproof tent like material. And thats not all, it came with hideous multi colored leggings. Now, I can't say that I have ever been good with fashion,in fact I've probably made, and happily worn, more hideous outfits of my own choosing, but this outfit was forced upon me with well meaning and kindness and I dreaded wearing it. I dutifully wore it to church that day. I can remember the feeling of un-comfort as I maneuvered the hallways at church, and then I can very distinctly recall the feeling of horror I felt as I turned a corner into a busy hallway and heard your mothers booming voice, from all the way at the other end, say something to the effect of "OH MY GOODNESS, that is the brightest orange I have ever seen!" I can't remember if I shriveled up and died right there or if I turned on my heels and ran. All I remember is the hot bright red face embarrassment and the feeling that I was going to hate "that woman" forever.

I have over come those feelings (mostly) and can now actually think fondly of your mother. I'm sure she has no idea how much trauma she caused me in those fragile teenage years.

2:38 PM  
Blogger linda t said...

It's Sunday morning at church, the usual standing up and sitting down throughout the worship service... and well, as I stood up at one point, my half-slip slid down and lay puddled down around my ankles. What could I do? I calmly stepped out of the slip, gathered it up and stuffed it in my purse... all the while praying that no one was watching...

3:08 PM  
Anonymous OldRound said...

Um, I don't know if this will make you laugh, though it does makes my kids laugh. When I was in third grade I was sitting at my desk at school and must have been too shy or scared to get excused. I peed. I was an island in a puddle of yellow. I think then the teacher excused me to the bathroom, or I bolted, and took it a step further, ran out of the school and ran all the way home. I remember sitting in the bathtub at home, locked in the bathroom, with the principal outside the door trying to coax me back to school. The really nice part of the story is that I don't remember any kids teasing me. That or I've repressed it all.

5:10 PM  
Blogger Ruby's Daughter said...

I was about 25 years old, working in my first "important" job at an insurance agency. A client made an appointment to come in first thing at 8:00a.m. and I didn't want to be late. I got up, put on a cute little knit dress and headed in to the office. We had a good meeting and I thought the client was especially lighthearted during our meeting. After he left I visited the bathroom only to discover that my cute little drop waist knit dress was on backwards and the tag was sticking out, pointing directly up my neck! There were pockets on the back that should have been on the front! I still get embarrassed just thinking about it and I'm 40 years old now!

5:37 PM  
Blogger chrichri said...

Ok, mine was the day of the 1997 presidential elections in France. I'd been at the beach all day, in the sun and in the evening my parents and I were at my best friends' house (they're three brothers). Anyway, I'd been in the sun all day and we were watching tv when this right extremist/racist French politician (Le Penn) started talking. Needless to say we were all disgusted with what he was saying. I was sitting next to my dad on a sofa, surrounded by my three best friends and their two little brothers; my mom and my friends' parents when I suddenly turned to my dad and puked all over his lap. Yeah, I' d been in the sun that day, a bit too much, total heat stroke. Hit me so suddenly even I was surprised. Anyway we all had a laugh and I was feeling much better when it happened again, and again in my father's lap; he just went "but Christina?!". Well, I'd say this was the most embarrassing moment in my life and it was witnessed by the people closest to me. Even to this day, 10 years later; my friends' dad still teases me everytime he gets a chance.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I read all of the posts and mine didn't come near any darn one of them, and I am 58 years old! Ruby gets my vote! I laughed myself silly and felt so sorry for her! Yet, Kudos to your MOM! YOU GO GIRL!!!

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Jess said...

Well, I was at the doctor for my annual physical, which involves the usual unpleasant events, which require you to be nude. This was my first physical with that particular doctor (who was my family doctor, but i had been away at school for 5 years). He asked me to undress, left me the gown (or what i THOUGHT was a gown), and left the room. I undressed, discovered what I thought was a gown was NOT a gown but a sheet, and opted to sit on the examining table, totally nude, and uncomfortable - NOT using the sheet. When the doctor returned, he had the most shocked look on his face, and quickly advised me that "you're supposed to lay down UNDER the sheet", since I had opted to sit upon it. Clearly, he was embarrassed, I was embarrassed, and it was only just the beginning of the exam. Needless to say, I'm not more familiar with the protocol, and I giggle every time I remember the look on his face.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Terese said...

I still cringe when I think of mine... I had this ex boyfriend (Matt) that totally hurt my feelings. Somehow, I found comfort in befriending one of his other ex-girlfriends. As time went on I got married and the ex girlfriend (Amy) and I still kept in loose contact through email. She sent me this one email that she had forwarded to all of her friends, with some of Matt's good friends included on the list. I was so glad to hear from her because I wanted to unload on her this dilemma about Matt and how I thought he may be a student in one of my husband's classes. I sent her this long drawn out email making fun of my ex (very immature, I know), and saying how he just keeps haunting my life. It was really kind of a whiney one! Then I go to hit "send." I accidentally hit "send to all". I sent that stinkin' email to Amy, AND to all of her friends!! The one guy on the friend list who was very close to Matt sent me the meanest email about how lame it was for me to sink that low to spread an email like that all over the place!! Like I did it on purpose!! I cannot believe I did that.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Mary-Heather said...

Such a lurker, but these comments have made me laugh so hard I have to share. Sadly, I'm pretty clumsy and have a lot of embarrassing moments, it's hard to pick one. But one of the MOST embarrassing has to be the time I was 15 and went tubing on a river with the youth group at my grandparent's church - I was spending the summer with my grandparents. "Tubing" is when they tie an inner tube to the back of a motorboat, and run the boat around a lake or river (we were on a river) and you hang on to the inner tube... it's a blast. Well, first of all, I only had a two-piece suit. It was pretty modest - I was in high school - but not modest compared to the other girls' one-piece suits. This was a church youth group trip, remember? So I kept on my big t-shirt (mid-90's big... pretty big) and then when it was my turn to go tubing, I couldn't wait. And it was a blast. I was going super fast on the water, hanging onto the tube and my legs were trailing behind me in the water (I was basically on my stomach on the tube). I felt like, "wow, I'm really good at this! This is so fun!" and took a look around... I mean the river was really beautiful... and when I looked behind me for a second to see how far we'd gone I noticed that the bottom of my swimsuit was caught on my feet! I was mooning the whole church youth group!!! The youth group from my *grandparents'* church. I let go of the tube, pulled up my bottoms, and thankfully everyone was too embarrassed to mention a thing... or look me in the eyes... or talk to me at all. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they thought I was a strumpet.

7:16 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Once when I was a freshman in high school, two of my girlfriends and I hopped on an indoor roller coaster and the cutest guy latched our safety bar. He wispered into my friends ear. We started into the ride and I eagerly asked, "So what did he say!!" in that you-are-SO-lucky kind of tone. She replied, "He said....wait till you get into the ride, then tell your friend that her fly is wide open." And so it was. When the ride was over, I wanted to flee, but had to wait for him to let up our safety bar, and he was staring RIGHT at me. be a girl again!

7:20 PM  
Anonymous mo said...

What a great idea! It is so funny to read through all of these. I can think of two times when I was mortified- the first was the morning after a really fun wedding that my husband was in. We had to get up early and get to the airport to fly back home and we were both pretty wiped out. We waited awhile for our turn to speak to the woman at the desk. By now the place was full and there I was standing up there, feeling pretty hot with my white cotton bike shorts and sort of long sheer floral shirt. The shirt had ridden up under my backpack so it was just me and my butt in see through bike shorts and some tacky striped underwear. Some nice lady finally came up behind me and actually pulled my shirt down for me. Glamour don't! Even worse though was when this great new community center opened in our neighborhood. I took my son swimming and the way the locker rooms were arranged was sort of funky and confusing. So after our shower, we walked out and where I should have turned left, I went straight and then turned right into the actual shower room of the men's room and was face to ,ahem, face with three middle aged totally naked men who were probably as mortified as me. The bad part was I just stammered something about "wrong way" and was frozen scared and could only stare at pubic regions. Like an accident I couldn't turn away from. In my defense, who designs a locker room with the community shower at the very entrance?

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Trish said...

Delurking. This looks like so much fun. I love embarrassing moment stories!
It was on a camping trip back when I was in elementary school. We had jsut finsihed a long hike and the destination was in bowl. You know hills on all side and lake in the middle. Well after a long hike and lots of water, a girl has gotta pee. So I climb up the side of the hill, seeing as there wasn't much place else to go with privacy, with my sisters much older and cooler best friend. Anyway. She goes number one first behind a rock and is fine. My turn. I start to go, and then slip. I wound up rolling down the hill with my pants at my ankles, all the while STILL PEEING! I mangage to stop right in front of my teenage brother. I bet he has that image burned into his retinas forever!

7:53 PM  
Blogger linda t said...

Oh my gosh... I have never laughed so hard at "Ruby's daughter" story and "trish's" story!!!
Waaay tooo funny! I'm still laughing!

Laura, what a great idea... so fun reading all about those "moments" we have all survived and can now look back on and laugh!!

8:09 PM  
Blogger Bizzikid said...

It was my Junior year in high school(first year at the senior high) and wanting to fit in with the "in" class, I was estatic that I was invited to participate in the Junior class style show. I got my store assignment and went to the store to see what they had for me to wear. I was given a swim suit... Being modest this was sooo akward, but wanting to fit in I agreed. When the lady at the store told me that she had several swimwear items in the style show, I thought to myself this won't be too bad, I won't be the only one. You got it... I was the only one. As I was walking out on the runway with my bathing suit, beach bag and thankful a pair of shades I was informed that they couldn't believe I was going through with it. Nice...after my name was announced and I was halfway to the start. I made it through all right...but let's see the picture made the yearbook and then each and every reunion thereafter they have blessed me with not a still picture but a video of that faithful day. And no...I was never asked to join the "it" crowd.

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Jen Holyoak said...

Alright, here goes! I was at Macy's innocently grocery shopping with my children when I start to feel something down by my ankles falling out of my pant leg. I look down to discover that my underwear are falling out my pant leg down around my feet. True ! So I proceed to roll my pant leg under and try to tuck my underwear into the roll. Walk a few steps more and of course the roll in my pants came out and there they are again on my shoe. So I decide that there is only one thing I can do I just have to take my undies off my leg and shove them in my diaper bag. I did and I survived the humiliation . Now I bet your wondering how the heck did my undies fall off. I thought the same thing when I saw them down their on my shoe but never thee worry it was my undies from the day before just stuck in my pant leg from the day before. Yes, I wore the pants two days in a row - come on now its completely a MOM thing! Or maybe I've just embarressed myself again.

Smiles, JEN

9:29 PM  
Blogger lambie-pie said...

When I was 9 or 10 or so, we had my friend's family over for Christmas. Her Dad asked me, "Can I have a kiss?" I was kind of confused but I puckered up a little, and he was like, "No, I mean one of those!" pointing to the Hershey kisses in my hand!

9:45 PM  
Blogger Tami said...

Okay, my most embarrassing moment had to be the time that I was in art school.

After a particularly long day of making patterns, sewing dresses and getting ready for the year-end fashion show I just wanted to go home and rest. I gathered all of my tools and drawing pads into my tote bag and went out the front door. The school was on a main street near downtown LA and had LOTS of traffic. I was too tired to wonder why there was an unusual number of horns blowing nor wonder why the local bums were shouting, or what their words were.

My classmate Bill was yelling and motioning at me from across the street. "What was going on?", I thought. The light turned green and Bill ran towards me shouting "Fe.. yeer.. duhr.. esh!"


"FIX .. YOUR .. DRESS!!"

Oh the horror, because suddenly I understood him. My dress must have ridden up to my waist when I slung that seam-bursting, over-burdened tote bag on my shoulder.

If that wasn't bad enough, that was the day that I decided to try wearing thong undies for the first time! Yikes!

Well, I guess that the local bums were just shouting out greetings to one of their own .. just another LA "bum".

9:47 PM  
Blogger nicole said...

My mom, a major fan of Sting, scored some excellent fourth-row seats at his show a couple of years ago, and kindly took me along with her. As I was leaving my husband in charge of our new baby, I took the cellphone in case he needed anything. Sure enough, partway through the show, the phone buzzed. Fearing the worst, I raced up the steps of the stadium to a quieter area, so I could hear him. It turned out to be something minor--relieved, I started to make my way back down the stairs.
Sting's lightshow had come to a particularly dim moment, and having just returned from the brighter area, I couldn't see anything. As I made my way blindly down the steps, I caught my heel on one of them. Like a slow-motion nightmare, I began to fall down the concrete stairs, clawing frantically for something, anything, to save myself. I found salvation in the upper arm of some poor soul with an aisle seat. My fingers sank deeply into their flesh, and I felt them flinch as I clutched for dear life. Lurching gracelessly to my feet, I was thankful that at least they couldn't see who I was. I turned in their general direction to offer an apology, and as I opened my mouth, the lights and music came up suddenly. I was illuminated for my victim to gaze upon (as well as anyone else who was interested in the doofus who'd just fallen down the stairs), and my apology was completely drowned out. I limped down to my seat as fast as I could, feeling eyes burning into my back. Somewhere I have a photo of the resulting bruise on my shin--it was glorious--but the bruise to my ego was worse.
At least Sting didn't see.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For many years I was a journalist and spent time "doing the rounds", travelling around covering press conferences, usually held by politicians. One day, "on the road" I was particularly busy, as I had to cover 5 press conferences around the city in only a few hours. On my way from one press conference to the next I noticed a free sausage sizzle in the park. I grabbed a couple of sausage sandwiches with onions and tomato sauce and quickly ate them down, as I only had a few minutes until the next press conference. This press conference was extremely important, as it was the Premier (important politician in Australia!) making a large announcement. I got there just time to get a space right up the front with my microphone right under the Premier's chin. I piped up several times during the press conference to ask "the hard questions". I noticed the Premier looking at me a lot during the press conference, but thought it was because he was impressed with my "prowess" as an interviewer! It was only 1.5 hours later when I arrived back in the office that someone pointed out to me that my face was covered in tomato sauce and that I had onion and tomato sauce all down the front of my shirt. Ahhhh I struggled to make eye contact with the Premier, or any of the other journos at the press conference for a long time after that! I still feel a bit ill thinking about it...


11:19 PM  
Blogger Apest said...

here's mine: about 8 years ago, one evening I went home earlier than usual, and my mum and brother weren't still back; I was the last leaving home in the morning and once home I couldn't find keys in my bag. Mum and Luca left their pairs at home as they rushed for train to go to work. So I figured out I lost my keys and all the other pairs were inside. Locked. I stand outside for half an hour worried, till mum went home. And Luca too. Then we call fire dept to ask help. We live in a flat at third stage, when they arrived they asked nieghbours to pass through their balcony to get to one of ours windows but they weren't at home, so they pulled out the stairs from the rescue van and reached the bathroom window to break the glass and get in. then mum told where she put her keys and when they got to the front door... My keys were inside, with the front door unlocked. I wished I could throw myself into a deep and black hole, I get out in the morning without closing the door and then made a mess with neighbours, fire dept and my family... That was my most embarassing moment ever since I was 12 and I stained my jeans with blood at school and I didn't notice it until lunch...

2:41 AM  
Anonymous Valarie said...

For one of your prints, I will relive the most embarrassing moment of my life. I was at the Y working out with my good friend. I was on a treadmill and she was on an elliptical machine behind me. My boss was also there, on a treadmill facing mine. Next to me was one of those skinny blond girls with the ponytail that swishes back and forth as she runs...too cute. So, I'm running along, and suddenly, somehow, I trip. This is where time slows down. I grab the "handlebars" and try to regain my footing...feet flailing, desperate look on my face. Finally, I go down to my knees. Instinct takes over, and I continue to hold on to the handlebars. Problem: the treadmill is still running (that safety clip is for sissies). So, my knees are getting burnt by the treadmill belt as I hang on, with my body at a 45 degree angle, arms stretched out..can you just picture it? Then, my knees go out from under me and my body is totally straight, and my upper thighs are now being burnt by the treadmill. Finally, some part of my brain functions and I let go, and go flying off the back. I wasn't badly hurt, but had to pretend I was to save face while the Y staff filled out an incident report. It is important to note that the blond next to me never broke stride..ugh. My friend behind me was peeing her pants (almost literally) with laughter. My boss, nice lady that she was, was trying to be sympathetic and hold in the laughter. She said "I kept thinking, Valarie, LET GO!" When I surveyed the damage, the knees of my running tights were burnt through and I had big brush burns on both knees.
For months afterward, my boss would dissolve into laughter whenever she saw me. That was also around the time I met my now husband. I had to meet all of his friends with three bandages on each knee...great first impression!
That was 8 years ago now, and I still have the scars...inside and out! : )

4:45 AM  
Blogger Amber Cornish said...

Funny how I read this this morning, and mymost embaressing happened yesterday....hmmmm, maybe that's why it's actually a whole started off in the morning with my six-year-old handing me an envelope from one of her friend's mothers..turns out my daughter had some money in her pockets and decided to give it away to her friends, and the mother was kindly returning it....and it ended with me picking same cild from her afterschool activity with my 1 year-old and three year old, and while I'm telling my 3year-old mister no-nap to stop runnung around and no, I don't want to wear an orange pilon as a hat, my 1 year-old reaches over and pull the fire alarm! Picture if you will about a hundred screaming elementary school children and their parent shtere to pick them up :(Come on! Let's go! Wel,, listen! It's a fire!!! What!? There's no fire?? It's just a false alarm? Who?? HER???" To which I'm standing there, waving. Waiting for the fire trucks. Apologizing to anyone who will listen. I win.

5:13 AM  
Blogger Annie said...

Found my way here from Heather :)

My grandfather was a very political man, moving from being a journalist to being the top aid and advisor to a very senior senator, with whom he was also great friends. My grandparents and the senator and his family would get together for dinners, lunches, and trips on the senator's sailboat. Occasionally, my siblings and I would get an invite -- a fourth of July party, for example, or a funraising sing-along.

One summer, we got an invitation to take a ride on the senator's beautiful sailboat. Happily we trooped onboard. We all have spent most of our lives on or near the water, so I didn't even think twice about the choppy waves and brisk breeze.

Until, of course, I found myself turning green. There I was, out for a sail with one of the top politicians in Washington, and I was about to get sick. He was as kind as could be, having me lay down on the bottom of the boat and covering me with his coat, but I have never lived down that day. I still cringe a bit when I see him...

5:34 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

I was a nursing mom and had gone back to work. Well, I would nurse my daughter in the a.m. before leaving the house and then rush back home to do the same at the end of the work day. However, on this day my "yearly exam" was scheduled after work, so that is where I went. When I am on the table having the breast exam done, the doctor speaks to me, however what she said didn't even register. (you know, when something is completely out of your experience it just sort of goes in one ear and out the other?) Anyway, she asks, "So, how long have you had these implants for?" I said nothing. She is still conducting the exam. "These long have you had them?" Wow. It hits. I started laughing and laughing. I said, "Those aren't implants. That's milk!" She stops stunned. "Oh, my God," she says, "they feel EXACTLY like implants." Well, I guess I got to live for several years with lovely 100% natural breast implants - take that Pamela Anderson!

5:49 AM  
Blogger LeeAnn said...

My most embarrassing moment was not my fault! I was in college and just arrived in Northern Ireland to work at an agriculture research center for the summer. I lived right on the edge of the farm, but it was still a good mile and a half down the lane to the main buildings. My 2nd or 3rd day there I was bringing the cows down from the far pasture and a surprise summer storm hit. My light jacket kept my top half dry but my bottom half was soaked. So I headed over to the break room where all the men (I was one of 3 women working there) were sipping their tea.

I walked in looking like a drowned rat and said, "My pants are are all wet! Could someone give me a ride back to the house so I can change?"

I was perplexed by their response of wide eyes and gaping mouths and a few of the younger men giggling which led to the whole room of 15+ Irish work hands in uncontrolable laughter.

Well little did my American self know that "pants" did not mean my jeans but a very ladylike undergarment and a "ride", well, let's just say I changed my vocabulary to ask for a "lift" when I needed a mode of transportation.

I never lived that one down the entire summer.

6:15 AM  
Blogger LeeAnn said...

PS. I was directed here through the mynameisheather blog. Reading all these entries was so much fun. The Mothers Day entry made me giggle and empathize. As a young married women myself, that would have been very embarrassing!

6:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mine just happened this past Sunday. My mom, sister and I drove to the Kansas City area for a funeral visitation for a friend of my dad and mom. My dad just passed away last May so this was a hard visit but we were all pushing forward. We arrived just a little before the official start time. There were people in their cars in the parking lot ready to go in. But since we had driven 2.5 hrs., we needed to go in to use the restroom. As luck would have it as we were leaving the restroom, the wife of the departed walked into the area to walk towards the restroom. It was nice because mom and "the Mrs." were able to share a moment before the crowds arrived. We then went into the chapel and went through the line, etc. Upon entering the chapel I put my purse (a fuzzy knitted purple yarn bag with square handles) in the front pew. My sister and mom put theirs there also. We went through the family line and paid our respects. My sister and mom exited to the side but I needed to retrieve my purse. I had to cross through the line of visitors. I grabbed my purse and my mom's -- a big heavy shoulder bag that looked and felt like a small file cabinet. Back through the line and over to the side. Handing mom's purse to her, I noticed her small brown bag hanging from her wrist. "I thought this was your purse" pointing to the small file cabinet. "Nope." Luckily, no one tackled me from behind as I made my way back through the visitor line to replace the black shoulder bag in the pew. Yep, I was the purse thief at the funeral home. Soooo, embarrassing but it broke the moment of sadness for me, mom and my sister -- guess it was worth it!

6:18 AM  
Blogger Emilee said...

At seventeen, I loved to practice my grand jetes (ballet leaps) whenever I was alone in a wide open space. I was in yearbook class one early winter afternoon and noticed out the window that the first snowflakes were falling. It was beautiful. I went outside (ostensibly to take some pictures), and was walking around admiring the snow when I decided to leap all the way down the sidewalk with full abandon, arms outstretched. I came back inside, fully refreshed. As I was walking to my next class, however, I noticed the *cool* boys from the class older laughing as they passed me. One of my friends pulled me aside and told me that I had lost the argument for her. I said, "What argument?" She responded, "In College English, we were having a discussion of whether men or women were more rational. The girls were presenting the much better argument, but then, right past our window, went this wild-looking girl, dancing in the snow, all by herself. We had no chance after that."
I never lived it down.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Sugar said...

Hi, I found your blog through my sister-in-law Michelle...the one with the 3 darling girls. Anyway, this was the most embarrassing moment I can remember for now. I had just had my first baby and invited a bunch of family over to see her. We were just chatting up a storm and all was well until I notice this 'look' from my mom. She motioned me to the bathroom where I learned that I had forgotten to put in my nursing pads and had milk running out both sides through my shirt. Two large and wet stains, and no recovering from that. I'm sure every person there had seen it. Well, at least the women probably sympathized, but the men I'm sure were utterly mortified...and also probably a little relieved to see that I had changed my shirt. ;)

7:58 AM  
Blogger MsLizzF said...

While me friend was on vacation I went over her house to feed her dog. The dog food was in her outside shed. As I opened the sack to get to the dog food...a mouse ran out of the bag. I am not afraid of a mouse didn't move and it ran up my leg inside my jeans. I ran out side yelling and undid my pants pulled them down yelling and screaming...thinking the mouse might have rabies. There was the PG&E meter reader looking at me like I was crazy. The mouse ran away and I got my pants up. I now move away when I see a mouse.

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband I left very early the morning after we were married to fly to Florida on our honeymoon. After arriving at the condo, we did what newlyweds will do and then fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon. Both of us naked, my husband was lying spread eagle on the bed. In walks a woman (we figured out later that she was apparently looking for the model unit in the condo complex and got confused and walked into our unit - which we had neglected to lock). Seeing us lying there she let out a little shriek and an apology and quickly ran out of the condo. We passed by her on the grounds of the condo a day or so later and she muttered another quick apology and went off in the other direction. Needless to say, we were diligent about locking the door the remainder of our honeymoon and left with a very memorable tale.

11:19 AM  
Blogger H said...

It was my sixth grade year...I was a, well, awkward kid. I was shaped like Winnie the Pooh and had a late 80's mullet to boot. So, needless to say, I had a hard time fitting in with the other kids. My entire sixth grade had a school outing to go to one night and as my older sister had JUST turned 16 my Mom had her drop me off at school. My sister, Heather, was rather peeved at the duty and was anxious to get rid of me. As we got to the school, Heather raced her 1987 Dodge Horizon across the school parking lot (of course we were running late) and as she neared where the ENTIRE sixth grade class was standing waiting to board the busses, she slammed on the breaks. The tires screeched and I flew into the dashboard, the noise causing everyone to turn and stare at us in the car. I managed to pull myself out of the dashboard, take my seat belt off, open the car door and put my feet outside as I turn back to tell my sister what time to pick me up, however Heather hit the gas pedal not realizing I was technically still IN the car. She drug me along the parking lot for about six feet when she turned and saw my body hanging half in and half out of the car and screamed and hit the breaks again. I managed to pull myself up from the blacktop-scared to death-and squeak out "please pick me up at ten o'clock" and proceed to turn towards my classmates, knees scraped and bleeding, pants torn and hobble towards the group who are ALL clapping, laughing and pointing at the tubby girl they just watched body surf in the parking lot as my Sister sped away, mortified that SHE had embarrassed herself.

12:09 PM  
Blogger april said...

when i was a teenager, i once answered the phone by saying: "Dear Heavenly Father." i have no idea what came over me! i'll blame a poster that i had seen a lot with a telephone on it and something about calling your Father (meaning God). pretty freaky, whatever the reason!

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Heather said...

Well I have a lot to choose from. This seems the most mortfying rememberance for me.

I was 16 and had just been asked to a dance by the cutest boy in school (at least I thought so at the time). He had called on the phone after school. I hung up the phone and decided to run to my best friends house 5 homes away. It was dark and I am clumsy. I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and somehow managed not to put my hands out in front of me. Biffed that sidewalk full face on. I had scratches and scabs from forehead to chin, I was a mess. I arrived at my friends bleeding and crying. You guessed it I never went home to clean up. I went to my BF to tell her that I had been asked out and then was crying because I didn't think he would take me.

Wait-- it gets worse. The young man still decided to go with me to the dance, I have no idea why other than I wasn't disclosing the details of the accident. It was a few weeks to the dance and I was healing right along. Just a few big scabs left.

Well the night was going great. My friends and I were cutting a rug and having a great time. A slow dance came on and my date lead me to the floor. We were dancing right along when my friend started to dance with her date really close to use motioning to her shoulder. I couldn't figure out what was going on.

My date saw her motions, looked down at his shoulder looked at me, then brushed off the huge scab that had sweated off my face onto his dress shirt.

So there you go gross and embarassing! He was nice but never asked me out again and can you blame him. I'm sorry Tommy if you're out there.

Thank goodness my name isn't Grace which my mother wanted to name me. That would have been a cruel cruel joke.

1:27 PM  
Blogger The Phony Crafter said...

I tend to go in for a big hug from my husband without looking at him. Most of the time, however, it is not my husband, but my brother-in-law, oops!! Also, one time I grabbed an arm and started carressing it, I thought that it was my husband, not so! It was my dad!! But here is a funnier one... The rules don't apply for the contest with this story, it didn't happen to me. But it is funny! My uncle, Brad, walked into his mother-in-laws kitchen one day to see his wife bent over loading the dishwasher. He seized the oppurtunity and reached over and pinched her bottom. As she gasped and arose from her bent over potition, Brad realized that it wasn't his wife, it was his sister-in-law!

3:06 PM  
Blogger Alisha said...

I found your blog via Heather's blog but have always gazed at the lovely paintings you have for sale.

I have not one, but two embarassing stories to tell. The first one occured during 6th grade. That is the fun year when puberty hits. It became oh so memorable one afternoon on the way home from school. I was wearing a knee length flowing skirt with a matching top (lovely). I had semi spiral permed hair from the previous year(I have very thick hair so it was more of a curly wig gone wrong) and plastic brown glasses to boot. Yep, the big ones that were popular in the late 80's. Anyhow, I had put my backpack on before getting off of the bus stop with my friend. We stood there chatting with my back facing the bus that was driving away. When I turned to head to my house, she called my name out. I turned around for her to tell me that my skirt had gotten tucked up under my backpack exposing my entire rear end. To make matters worse, I also had on white hanes her way underwear, the granny looking kind mom used to buy before I had my own money. Oh I heard whistles and everything for a week. I had to beg a ride to school from my dad until some of the kids on the bus forgot about it. It was mortifying!

The second story was during college. We were required to take a nude model painting class to get all of our fine art credits to be able to finish the design degree. Lucky for me a few of my girlfriends were taking this course at the same time. At this point, I was still fairly innocent having not seen a naked man upclose. Yes, sheltered.

So, we get into class to see this naked guy sitting up on a platform already posed. My girlfriends and I chose the side view to block out certian parts when my professor decided we should move more center. He also turned the model to face us straight on. None of my girlfriends could stop giggling we were all so embarassed for him. Well, class starts and we all sketch on paper and then transfer the sketch to the canvas. I was so nervous that i kept focusing on his feet making them bigger and bigger. By the time we had all finished this, it was time for a break (for the model). He chose to use his break by stretching (yes, still fully nude on the floor). After his stretching had finished he wanted to walk around (still nude) to see how everyone's sketches were looking.

He was walking rather close for my personal taste and when he got to mine he leaned in to which i shrieked and asked him to stay at least 5 feet away at all times. I was so embarassed because everyone stopped what they were doing to look at me. Class was never the same after that.

3:59 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

One of my more embarrassing moments came when I was fourteen and head over heels in love with "K". Me and "K" lived about two hours apart. One Saturday I found out that his parents and him would be attending a booster club meeting some what closer to our house. I sweet talked myself into a ride to this same meeting with our church's preacher and his wife. (Think 65+ years old and very strict!) So during the meeting all of us kids were hanging out in the hallway. Me and "K" wandered off by ourselves and had our very first kiss. Ahhh....young love!

The next morning at church, our preacher said hello to me and our family as we were leaving. He asked how I was. I said I was a bit tired since we had gotten home so late. The preacher's response? There, in front of my parents and lots of other people? His reply was that we could have left a lot earlier if I had not been off "sucking face". Yes, he said that in front of my parents. Where does a 65+ year old preacher hear the phrase "sucking face"? Needless to say, I wanted to die!

5:32 PM  
Blogger Natch said...

These are all so great and mine does not come close to many (thankfully for me ;)) but I thought I would share to (hopefully) add to the enjoyment.

Anyway, when I was about 11 or 12 I was eating dinner in a restaurant with my parents. They served us water in nice wine glasses as they often do in restaurants, and as I went to take a sip I managed to pour water all over my lap, in the perfect spot so that it looked like I peed myself. Luckily, my mom, sitting next to me, assured me that the restaurant was dark and that it would be dry by the time we left. However, my curious father took the opportunity to stand up and lean across the table to examine what had happened, and staring right at my lap says in a booming voice, "Boy! You REALLY wet yourself!" Needless to say at least 75% of the people in the restaurant turned to look directly at me and see what this loud fuss was, only to discover what they thought was a 13 year old who had wet her pants! I did my best to sink under the table into oblivion, but I don't think it did much good.

My mom and I always laugh about that story today, but my dad refuses to acknowledge that it ever happened, he's simply forgotten! Perhaps he blocked it out because it was embarrassing for him too? ;)

7:37 PM  
Blogger Katie Jean said...

I played softball in college and the first time my now husband came to see me play I wanted to impress him. That day I happened to be playing third base and a foul ball was coming my way. I ran so hard, with the intention of diving if I had to, and bam... straight into the fence. I mean like full fledged fence imprint in face and my body bounced off of it. So I spin around and look at my friend and start laughing because I had just ran into a fence and then I try to take a step. I could barely do it. Somehow in the process I had broken my foot running into the fence. Not to mention that I didn't catch the foul ball because it went way over the fence and wasn't even catchable.

The most embarassing part was having to explain what happened to everyone. Eventually people around campus were like "oh you're the one who ran into the fence." Even the PA at the Dr.'s office told me that I should come up with a different story to explain how I broke my foot.

For the next 3 years of softball, the girls on my team would yell fence anytime a ball went in the air. Ahh.. at least I left a legacy.

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Karen G. said...

One of many embarassing moments I've somehow managed to live through.

A few years ago I took my newly potty trained son to a birthday party. It was held in an indoor playground with lots of tubes and playground equipment. Everything is going fine until the kids are called for cake. The kids and parents are all gathered around at the bottom of the big slide ready for the cake and presents but my son is left standing at the top of the slide saying "UH OH". I am totally mortified as I see balls of poop rolling down the slide! Since he had shorts on they just would not stop coming!!

He thinks it's funny now when I tell him Mommy had to crawl around the tubes cleaning up with a bottle of windex and a handful of Barney napkins.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous MouseChirpy said...

I guess I'll join in on the fun!
All the "cool" teens who drove or had their own cars would congregate at the drive-in theaters on the weekends, not necessarily to see the movie but just to be "seen." I was in the process of crocheting an afghan (I know, I was a teenaged dork) so I thought I would bring it with me to get in a few stitches before the movie started. My girlfriend picked me up and away we went. We went in and out of the rows of cars to find the perfect spot where we thought all the cute guys were. After we parked, we decided to chat outside of the car just to be "seen" and to see who else was there. I opened the car door and nearly tripped over some string that seemed to be connected to our car. I soon realized that it was my full skein of yarn that was connected to the afghan in the back seat that I had evidently dropped before closing the car door. The skein had completely unravelled and was wrapped around the back bumper of our car and around a whole lot of other cars around us in a maze-like mess including the cars of some really cute guys. Yes, they were staring at us as I started reeling in my yarn. I didn't know what else to do. I embarassed my girlfriend so much that she asked me to stop winding up the yarn and just cut it away from our car. We looked really cool that night as we slinked back into the car, fully red-faced. We quickly drove off to find another parking space far far away from that tangled mess so we could resume our "coolness" act somewhere else where no one knew we were actually dorks-at-heart. My girlfriend has never let me live that one down and this took place in the mid 70's!

11:10 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

My most embarrasing moment happened just yesterday. I am still "red in the face" over it.

I am the President of a quilt guild. Yesterday we got together and made baby quilts for different organizations in the community. The newspaper heard about it so a reporter came in the morning to interview us and to see what we were making.

Later in the afternoon I started getting tired. When I do that sometimes I get the giggles. My best friend and I were busy sewing and giggling. We were laughing about some of the silly things our husbands say. For example, her husband was on a boat with some friends when he saw a school of fish swim by. He said, "There's a spool of fish!" I guess he has been around his wife too much and her sewing. Anyway, I was about to tell her something funny my husband says, and she nodded her head for me to look at something. I looked over and there was this huge man, dressed in black, with a huge camera stuck in my face, and I screamed as though I had seen something horrible. I screamed, he screamed, and together we scared everyone in the room. I threw my hands over my face. I was so embarrassed! I had no idea the newspaper was going to send a photographer! My friends said they have never seen my face that red. He laughed about it. By the way...he and the reporter did a great article/photograph of what we were doing. Needless to say, my picture wasn't in the paper! Thank goodness.

7:30 AM  
Blogger menterli said...

Oh, God, my most embarrassing moment happened last year. Well, I had just passed a group of young men in the library of the college where I work, and they made some comments as I walked by. Now I'm a good 10 years older than all of them, so while that kind of attention is flattering, I'm not looking to encourage it. I was very self-conscious of the rear-view they were getting as I walked up the library's long spiral staircase -- my butt felt like it was tingling from their glances (You know what I'm talking about!) So I decided to jog up the stairs to get out of their sight more quickly. The problem is that I was wearing open-toed heels. The sole of both of my shoes caught on the edge of a stair and I took a monumental digger. Both knees, both hands, hard, right on the lip of one of the slate stairs, and all the books in my hand, my purse, and my tote bag went flying. Naturally, this is the library, so it's tomblike, and a crowd of people came running to see if I was okay after they heard the sonic boom of my possessions and my loud shout of (yep, I couldn't help it) "Ow, s*%&!" At least I limped out of there with nothing hurt but my pride!

12:23 PM  
Blogger Missy said...

This just happened to me two weeks ago. Good thing it was recent, because I will eventually block it out of my memory as I do all embarassing moments!
I just had my third daughter a month ago, and my mother-in-law was visiting to help out. I came down with a stomach virus in the middle of the night, the night before my husband had to go out of town overnight for work. Well, during the night when I lay in bed, stomach churning, I kept thinking that I smelled chocolate. Normally, that would make my mouth water with hunger, not in that bad, stomach is about to heave way. Well, I kept smelling it and tossing and turning and couldn't get comfortable. Eventually, I stuck my hand under my pillow and much to my surprise, came up with a handful of melted chocolate. Turns out my darling husband had brought a candy bar to bed with him, and fallen asleep before eating it. What a waste of a ghiradelli chocolate bar! I insisted that he get up and we change the sheets. I piled the sheets up in a corner of our room and tried desperately to go to sleep. I finally fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning. Since I was still sick, I slept late the next morning, and on his way out of town, my husband took the sheets to the laundry room and piled them on the floor. He told his Mother I was sick and asked her to wash them.
You know where I am headed, don't you?
She tought it was poop. My Mother-in-law thought I pooped in the bed.
Wonderful, huh?

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Carol said...

Sometimes you have to find humor in tragedy. Just over 10 years ago my father was in a horrific accident and suffered severe injuries including brain trauma and massive facial fractures. Of course the entire family rushed to be with him. When we got to the hospital almost 10 hours later we were escorted to a private waiting room & updated on his condition, as he was still in surgery. So we waited...and waited...and waited...eventually a Dr. appeared at the door to let us know that Dad had made it through his first surgery but warned that due to his condition we probably would not recognize him. Several minutes later the elevator doors open and I rushed to the gurny. As I am smothering this poor post op patient with hugs and kisses and telling him that we are all there with him and how much we all love him and bawling and sobbing all over him the door to the next elevator over opens and the nurse comes to the waiting room to tell my family that she has my dad. My sister ran to pull me off the "wrong" dad... Only then did I actually look around to discover this other patient's very confused and bewildered family who, speaking in spanish, wanted to know how this crazy woman was able to get so close to THEIR dad.
I was so mortified I wanted to sink into the floor. Well, they said we wouldn't recognize him! I have to say, we all still laugh about this one. Today it's one of my Dad's favorite stories.

8:39 PM  
Blogger Cottonista said...

OK--I really love the prints. Last winter, I was feeling low until I found some fabulous fabric for a new outfit--something that was going to make me feel stylish and a little sexy. I spent all day Saturday sewing a black "poodle fur" top and a gauzey red skirt with chenille spirals on it. It was really cute and my husband liked it too. A few weeks later when we were hosting my family for Christmas, I wore it to church, feeling rather satisfied with myself and my sewing skills. After the service, we stayed and chatted a bit, and when it was time to leave, I walked out beside my husband. I had my 1-year-old son, my purse, the diaper bag and my Bible in my arms. As we stepped out through the glass doors, I felt a cool breeze, but didn't think much of it. Then I started tripping over something and I thought, "Oh horrors, my slip!" Except it wasn't my slip, because that particular item of clothing was still in my closet. I hadn't worn it because it was too long. It was my skirt! It fell. It fell in front of God and everybody. I hadn't taken the time to sew on a hook and eye, and thanks to the zipper working open, the polyester fabric just slid down my pantyhosed legs like a fireman down a pole. A million thoughts flew through my head, like "I'm sooooo glad I didn't wear those lacy black panties like I was going to"--you know the kind that show some cheek. Because I was holding my son, I couldn't drop everything and grab, and so I froze and looked frantically at my husband, who had no clue what was going on. So I did the best I could. I squatted. And then he saw, and instead of helping, he just laughed and laughed. And then finally helped me pull up my skirt. The worst part was that my dad saw it all happen, because he had pulled up his Suburban for the family to climb in. I decided to laugh too, and I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. I could hardly get up I was laughing so hard, partly from embarrassment but also because I thought it was really funny. I still think it's classic, although I really had to work up the nerve to wear that outfit again, and believe me, the skirt is fixed.

10:32 PM  
Blogger Cary said...

Okay, here we go: I was with my then boyfriend (now husband) and my Uncle at a VERY popular, busy restaurant. I needed to go potty. I go the bathroom and go to the right without looking at the signs apparently. Aren't the women's always to the right? Well, I walk in and don't even notice the urinals!!!! I go into the stall and start hearing someone else walk in and go into the other stall. I'm thinking, "Wow, that woman sounds very burly!" Then I hear someone at the urinals and making manly groans. Then I noticed!!!! Wow! This is extra dirty for women's restroom! It must be the mens. Well, it's so busy I can't figure out how to get out of there. I also need to pee real bad, but I'm too embarassed to pee thinking they'll know I'm a woman in there! So, I finally pee, as slow as I can. I try the squat pee for sanitary reasons and hoping it would splash more like a guys and I won't be found out. Well, it's too busy and I know my boyfriend is now worried about me. So, I rush out as fast as I can. In my peripheral vision I notice a guy using the urinals!!!!!!!!!!!! So embarassing. I exit the restroom and the whole restaurant is staring at me. They saw me go in the wrong bathroom so they were WAITING for me to come out!!!! I go to my boyfriend and bury my head into his chest and cry and laugh at the same time!!!!!

1:43 AM  
Anonymous Emma's Closet said...

Oh wow, I just read about this over at Heather's site....
My 1st year in college.. out with friends. They snuck me into a pool hall/bar. Oh man... we played pool and they ordered up long island ice teas... well, 2 later I thought, "whew, I need to go recompose myself." So, I go to the bathroom and splash some cold water on my face. Okay, doing better, but still need some time. So, I go into one of the stalls and just sit down. Next things you know, I wake up with my head resting on the stall wall (ooh uuuuh, let me just say). I think, "wow, I just fell asleep, but whew I feel much better.. must have just dozed off" -- except for ONE tiny detail.. the reason I woke up was because one of the waitresses that was cleaning up after closing time knocked on my stall!!! My friends had left thinking I walked home because I did not feel so well. I get back to the house, they are all up watching a movie. When I tell them what happened I think they all laughed so hard they almost had to change their undies!

6:32 PM  
Blogger Nannette said...

One day, we asked our pastor if he would pray for us before the church services ended. We were praying for the baby we were planning. Pastor kindly agrees - calls us up to the altar to pray. He starts his prayers, asks us quietly if we want to include a specific sex (of the baby) in the prayers. My husband, clearly not understanding the nature of the question, perked up, spoke up very loudly and plainly into the live mic Pastor was wearing on his lapel .... "Pastor, I pray for sex every night!"

If that wasn't moment enough, it was caught forever on the church's recording system. (they made cassette tapes of each service available to everyone)

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Bonney said...

My favorite memory (that I can share in mixed company) happened when I was a most grown up young lady; a senior in high school who had 2! dates with a basketball player from an ivy league school. It was not destined to last but I attended a basketball game with friends and went down to say hello before a game. We had our awkward hemming and hawing and finally said bye. I walked to the end of the bleacher and stepped right into the full water bucket!! Well, I just stepped right out and continued on my way without looking back. It still it makes me giggle to remember that night.

7:09 PM  
Blogger Marilyn said...

I was 16 years old and was at the local county fair with a bunch of girlfriends. We met up with some boys our age and one of them thought it would be "funny" to go through my purse, which was sitting next to me. Unfortunately it was "that time of the month" and I had a tampon in my purse. The boy stuck his hand in my bag and pulled out the tampon. He waved it around, practically histerical and disgusted at what he had found. Needless to say, I was mortified and he was almost as embarassed as me. Moral of the story: Boys, don't look in ladies purses, you probably won't like what you find!

9:46 PM  
Blogger Sonja said...

I graduated with my elementary school teaching credential into a really tight job market. Trying to score a job with a REALLY great but very small school district, I went to a job fair for just this district. I'd made flash cards about the schools, dressed to the nines, and got there on time. We had to stand in line for a long time, then got to talk to the principals in groups of three or four (NERVERACKING!). When it was my turn with one of the (male) principals, he sort of touched my shoulder like he wanted to hug me. I go to a huggy church, so I'm used to hugging people in greeting. Granted, this was awkward, but before I could really think about what was going on, I went towards his arms... and it turned out he'd just wanted me to move over a little to make room for another person to join our group. Even more embarassing? He said (for the whole group to hear) "I wasn't going to hug you!"
Nope, didn't get a job there.

7:59 AM  
Blogger ~~ Melissa said...

I was an hour early for a very important appointment in a government building. It was too cold to wait outside so instead I waited in the lobby. There was no seating in this big space so I first used the washroom, then walked around inside. A lot of people were coming and going on their lunch hour and I felt like a few were looking at me in an odd way but I assumed it was just because I was a little nervous and pacing. Just before it was time for my appointment, I noticed a woman leave the washroom and head for the elevator. Her skirt hem was caught in the top of her pantyhose, revealing all that is normally concealed. I rushed over and said (in a hushed tone), "Excuse me: I don't wish to embarass you but your skirt is caught in your pantyhose." Without even looking down to check, she snaps right back at me (in a loud tone): "Well, so is yours!" I put my hand down to check and sure enough, I had been pacing around the lobby for a full hour with my skirt up too!

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Plumpkin said...

In my 12th grade biology class we had a day to test our urine, blood and other lovely bodily functions. It was weird enough showing up to class with a mason jar full of pee to prop on the corner of your desk, but my ultimate horror of horror's happened during the actual urinalysis. We had to put a small amount of urine in a test tube, add a chemical and heat it over the Bunsen burner to test for a certain type of protein. I grabbed my tube, heated it as per the instructions and it EXPLODED in front of the whole class. My teacher, a usually demure man, screamed at me to explain what I had been heating up. To which I replied, "My Pee, Sir." and wiped the droplets off of my lip. Oh.So.Embarrassing. Turns out I had grabbed a gas collecting tube by accident (it was in the wrong drawer) and it was not Pyrex, so the glass shattered under the intense heat. So I had to stay late after class and wipe up my own pee from the counter and floor. Now, this is where I sound like an entry in Seventeen magazine... To make matters worse, we had to go straight after class to the field and have our class photo taken - I was the last one outside, and by the time I slipped into the back of the crowd my tale of horror had been gossiped from front to back, side to side. It was the most embarrassing moment EVER.

2:20 PM  
Blogger AnastasiaC said...

gosh so many for me but here is a recent one!
my sister in law got a new bedroom suite and excitedly took me to her her bedroom to show off her new stuff...I said 'Ohhh lovely!! now all you need is some new lamps for the bedside tables to go with the new bed and furniture'...she just looked at me and said 'These are new'....Oops!!

5:23 PM  
Blogger bunchkin said...

When I was sixteen, I started dating a really cute OLDER (19) guy. He was a GI in the Army, and things started to get serious pretty fast. On one of our first dates, we stopped by the Shoppette, which is a small store close to the Army barracks that has groceries, beer, magazines, snacks, etc. It's always packed with young GIs. I REALLY had to pee, so I ran into the bathroom. I ran to the stall, started pulling down my pants... and peed all over myself. As I'm sitting on the toilet, I'm thinking "How the heck are you going to get yourself out of this one?" The idea of walking out into the Shoppette with pee all over my pants, in front of all those guys and especially my new guy... Horror. So I ran to the sink, and poured water all over the front of my pants, and the back. I put on a brave face, and came out of the bathroom laughing. " Ha, ha, wouldn't you know, i leaned on the sink to tie my shoe and fell in! The sink was stopped up, and I got water all over my pants! Ha, Ha!" He ACTUALLY BOUGHT IT! Embarrassing, yes, but not nearly as embarrassing as having to tell your new boyfriend that you just peed your pants! I married that hot GI, and we have been married for 9 years now. I just got up the courage to tell him that story last year, he still remembers that day, and says it never crossed his mind that I had peed my pants!

6:40 PM  
Blogger Genie said...

I grew up on a farm in a very rural area that was more than a bit conservative. As a teenager, I my great grandmother had given me an old car, so I was one of the few lucky ones with transportation in the area. (The car was old, huge and puke green, I didn't feel very lucky back then.)

Since I had the car, and neighbors lived miles apart, I was one of the preferred babysitters in the area and was frequently out taking care of kids on the weekends. One family had a set of twins and asked me to come help them out. I drove to their house and knocked on the door. The mom let me in and I started playing with the one year old girls in the living room on the first floor. After a bit, the dad came walking down the stairs - totally naked. I immediately stood up, completely shocked and unable to speak. He was the first naked man I had ever seen in person. After what felt like forever, I somehow turned around and apparently he left the room.

Apparently, the mom had failed to inform her husband that I was there and so he didn't know any better before walking down the stairs. He tried to talk to me before they left, but I was so embarrassed that I just mumbled something, not even looking him in the eyes, my face beet red. I don't remember what happened when they returned, but I am sure that he was glad that I had driven myself!

When I returned to my house, I stopped in my parents room to tell them that I was back. They asked how it went and so I told them about my first naked man encounter. They were friends with the family and nearly rolled out of the bed they were laughing so hard!

The funny thing is, I kept babysitting for the family after that, though I don't ever remember talking to the husband!

2:51 PM  
Blogger FlipFlopGirl said...

Embarassing moments? Hmm... which of the many to share.

I'm the queen of the klutzes and have fallen off risers during a choir performance, fallen face-first on the ice in the parking lot in front of my boss and coworkers, stepped in a cow pie while on a date and had bra underwires magically levitate from under my shirt durning a meeting. Even with these stellar accomplishments, there is still one more that beats them.

I was absolutely stoked to have found my dream dress for the Sr. prom. I was 17 years old and totally styling in my floor-length backless green gown with a halter neck and sequined bodice.

I am not a skinny girl, and my "girls" are rather large. They were carefully taped into the dress as no bra would have survived. While dancing with friends, and a very cute boy I happened to have a crush on, the halter of my dress decided to do a little dance move of its own and snapped, letting the top of my dress fall south towards the floor, exposing my delightfully taped self to everyone within 10 feet. I ran to the bathroom mortified. My Home ec teacher had a sewing kit with her and had to sew me into my dress. She also had to cut me out of the dress at the after prom event.

Guess I was her most interesting craft project....

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This happened in primary school in year 3. It was lunchtime and we had just finished eating. We were given permission to go inside and play so we did. About 10 mins later I needed to pee but didn't want to stop playing. I carried on playing, trying not to pee but finally it got too much. I lost control and pee soaked my trousers and the chair, it trickled down and formed a huge puddle over the floor. I ran right out of the classroom into the bathroom where I pooped my pants because I was crying so hard. My mum made me wear nappies for the next two terms. I had seven more accidents after that in years 3 and 4. :O I was sooo embarrased

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

today i stayed home sick. im a freshman in high school. well i couldnt make it to the bathroom so i had to wear a diaper which i did not want to use. So i was sittin down when i felt an urge . it wasnt bad so i just stayed there. however within the next minute diarhea fully loaded my diaper and then i wet myself it was visible. however it did not leak. Embarrassing.

5:29 PM  
Blogger pinksnowflakes said...

ok, this happened when i was in grade four but I tell you it is like yesterday. my girl's church group all went out of town with our leaders for a kind of retreat, we had an impromptu creek swim and since we had no bathers with us we swam in out undies and tshirts. when we got dressed we just put on our pants and carried our undies. Speeding along in the minivan back to town i was dared to chuck my undies out the van window. Now i dont know why but i did, peer pressure or just stupidity i am unsure. well the girl who dared me yelled to our driver what i had done, she stopped the van drove back and searched diligently until my "flying knickers" were retrieved. now if that wasnt embarrasing enough, the same girl, who dared me then dobbed on me went back to school the next week and wrote s tory called "the flying knickers" and spared no details for my class. so 22 yrs on i still feel embarrased and keep my undies with me at all times!!!!

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have 1 really embarassing story. I am 14 years old and male. I was on holiday in mexico a few weeks back with my dad and we went for a full body massage on our last night. My dad had his then i went after him for mine. I didnt know a full body massage included you having your bottom bared! I was lien chest down with my head resting peacefully whilst the lady was massaging my shoulders nd then suddenly she janked my pants down. I was embarassed at the time, Because i was least expecting to have my bum bared. was fairly embarssed because i had a few a rash a few days before hand and had a red mark on the right bum cheek. It looked like i had been spanked are something. It was a very embarassing moment.

3:05 PM  
Anonymous redfaced_forever said...

I was taking my underpants off at home once and noticed a spot of blood on it. Wondering what it

was from, I stood in front of a full length mirror and noticed that a small mole on the lower part of

my buttocks was the source of the bleeding. Naturally I felt it best to see a doctor, just in case it

might possibly indicate some type of worrisome skin condition, or God forbid, cancer. So I checked

my health plan to find a local skin doctor. As it turned out, the only local dermatologist carried by

my health plan had a small office in dull strip mall. I mean, it was an unusual place to see a doctor,

but I live in a rather undeveloped area, and any and all businesses, from a doctor to a Family Dollar

store to a small Baptist church might conduct their operation from any such available office space

here. I made the appointment and showed up on time.

For the first half hour I sat in the waiting room filling out papers, as usual. Finally I went back to

see the doctor and he asked me a lot of questions, and took some notes. He looked at the mole on

my lower buttocks and said it would require a painless biopsy, but also said he needed to see me "in

my birthday suit" to check me for any other incidence of possibly cancerous skin lesions just to be

safe. He told me to step into a small vestibule and disrobe, and to go into the exam room and lie

face down to be checked thoroughly over 100% of my body. I wasn't that comfortable doing this,

as it was my first time for such an exam, but I followed his instructions.

Having disrobed, I stepped out of the tiny changing room and suddenly realized I wasn't sure which

door led to his exam room. I admit to having been rather nervous as I was simply not used to taking

my clothes off for a stranger to be minutely examined. I anxiously looked around, then noticed a

door towards the back, and entered it completely naked, hoping there would be no female nurse

waiting inside to further make my nerves flutter as I worried about the possibility of having an

undesired erection. Thankfully I saw just a simple room with a couple of chairs, some fabrics

folded up here and there, and a central table covered in a thick white cloth. It had a cushioned chair

just in front, so I figured this was intended for the patient to place his knees while lying face down

on the covered table, you could say more or less "spread eagle". But what the hell, why worry? This

was for a professional dermatologist over 70 years old who examined patients all day every day.

So, with my paper gown open at the back, I lay face down on the table, and gathered some of the

extra fabrics there to help support my weight of 200 pounds. I did my best to "present" the problem

area for the doctor, that is, I gathered a pile of cloth under my groin and raised and exposed my

buttocks as high as possible, and as this was in the inside of the thigh area, I opened my thighs

rather wide for the doctor to be able to observe the problem area. I waited like this over 20


At long last I heard the strains of some odd music, and wondered what sort of Muzak contract the

doctor's office had, as this sounded more like church music. Come to think of it, it sounded a lot

like some wedding song. I was getting quite tired of being in this most compromising of positions,

Earlier I had first worried of becoming accidentally aroused in front of the doctor or his nurse,

which would prove most embarrassing as I am not gay and didn't want to give any such impression.

But after waiting for so long in this uncomfortable position, a strange thing happened. I suddenly

had to let out a huge fart! What the hell??? I never thought that would happen... I tried to hold it in.

I couldn't hold it any longer after 5 minutes or so, and I just had to let go. O shit!..

Braaaaaaaaaaa-apppppp!!!!!! Dam! Dammit that stinks! O shit! Geez I hope the doctor doesn't come

in now, no matter how late he is! O crap! Three or four minutes passed. I wondered if it still stank?

About that time the peculiar sound of wedding music came back to me. What the hell? This doc has

strange taste in Muzak. .... wait a minute, I hear other noises. I heard people! Wha the hell? Sounds

close. Now the wedding music is louder! I look around nervously. This is surely the oddest and

most nerve-wracking experience of my life. I wish this was over. Ahh.. at last I hear the reassuring

sound of a doorknob turning. Ah yes, the doctor is entering at last. But what???? Why is there

more than one person? A doctor and his nurse? O crap.. it's more than his nurse. Holy crap.. it's a

whole group of people!!! Huh? Wedding music quite loud and clear now. O what's this? A man

dressed in a tuxedo? And now a bride and more people in their finery? Holy crappola!!!! Wha the

fuck? This is a WEDDING PARTY!!!!!! They entered quickly and one by one their jaws dropped

wide open as they gasped aloud!!! What the hell? O shit! This IS a wedding! I had entered the back

door of a church operating in this goddam strip mall! O holy crap! Sreaming starts! Here I am with

my dam ugly nekkid ass stuck straight up on the table... on their holy altar! Wha the fuck??? O

crap! O shit! How the hell????????? The folks are still entering, the wedding procession is totally

discombobulated, things are chaotic. Shouting has begun.. general fact, bedlam! loud

caterwauling! My nekkid ass is up in the air! I am completely naked in front of half a dozen people!

a dozen... TWO dozen!!! A bride and groom, priest and their attendants! Brides maids! The ring

bearer! Parents! Guests! Holy mutha-fucka shittola!!!!!!

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in the 8th grade when truth or dare was really popular. I was invited to this sleepover with mostly all girls and one of which I had pantsed the week before in front of a big group, and she was wearing a thong, she was really embarrassed. She said she would get me back. I go to the party and I'm the only guy with that same girl and her 5 friends. the night goes good just mostly truths, but them I am up and choose dare, bad mistake. The same girl that I pantsed, dared me to kiss her, but with a blinfold and laying on my back, I thought no big deal. Well I put the blindfold on and she says, "On the count of three take off your blindfold and kiss me." When it gets to three I take off my blindfold and look up to her in a squat position over me with her pants pulled down wearing a bright red thong and says, "You pantsed me in front of everyone exposing my ass, well its time for you to get a up close look." Her friends grab me so I cant move and she ends up putting her ass on my lips and mouth and says, "Time to kiss my ass," and sits on my face for 10 seconds, while her friends laughed at me. I was really embarrassed, this was the worst sleep over ever.

2:59 AM  

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